DIAMOND FLOWERS: Sympathy flowers totally mishandled

New York City, New York 1 comment

Diamond Flowers (diamondflowersbrooklyn.com): Because the site info was incomplete I contacted them by telephone.Though the site suggested there was 24/7 service, I was told to call back tomorrow.

I did and described my choice and time line to a person of limited language skills. I managed to order a floral spray to be delivered by a certain time with a message card. I couldn't get a direct quote because of delivery and sales tax so I picked the largest of the three sizes available and added a generous amount as an upper limit to cover the fees. What I got was a missed delivery to some other funeral home that had to be resolved by the funeral director ("Diamond doesn't make mistakes" Diamond said).

When it finally arrived, very late, it had a message that was a cheap 3x2 hand scribbled card with the message and names totally garbled. The spray wasn't anything special.

Naturally, I was charged the full limit of my cost target.It was a doubly grieved experience!




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